Interactive Webinar / Live Seminar - 3 Day Course

Developing a Leadership Mindset based on Social Principles


Day I

Introduction - Human Needs / Principles / Mindset

Put People First - Power Distance / Reciprocity

Let People Win - Excellence / Personal Needs

Day II

Demonstrate Empathy - Emotional Intelligence / Empathic Listening

Be Transparent - Character / Complementation


Build Trust - Personal Values / Trustworthiness 

Emotional Safety - Empathic Confrontation  



(Leadership Mindset Continuum)

Course Description

This interactive webinar will use leadership competencies based on social principles to create a leadership mindset and company culture in which managers are confident to lead in difficult times, feel secure in managing generations and virtual teams - as well as become fit for the digital age.

The secret to becoming a better leader lies not in trying to (forcefully) change our behaviour or even fit others’ expectations, but in learning to see things from a different perspective – the human way. When we allow our personal mindset to be based on social principles, we behave in harmony with the natural needs of people.

How we proceed with our Interactive Webinar

  • Trainer will teach and explain the principles, concepts and tools online
  • Participants are getting involved online with the concepts - individually, with peers and in small group

Before the webinar

  • Web Call for particpants with introduction of the course and technical instructions
  • Pre-Work - working on overview of the course with personal action plan and video orientation

During the webinar

  • Personal assessment on the Leadership Mindset (areas of strength and development)
  • Working individually by answering some questions on the topic (work sheets)
  • Working in pairs in virtual break-out rooms for exchange of ideas
  • Working in table groups (3 - 4 persons) in virtual break-out rooms for discussion
  • Exercise in the group in the area of communcation bewtween two particpants
  • Coaching exercises in virtual breakout groups (2 -3 persons)
  • Commitment to a personal action plan

After the webinar

  • Web call with group on behalf of implementation action plan with time for coaching
  • Additional individual coaching - as option

 Video Trainer Rob Bots in his virtual classroom about the Importance of a Leadership Mindset





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