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Leading teams remotely has been an important part of doing business for years; what seemed to be so familiar to managers working internationally has suddenly become the new normal for all of us. Prompted to do so by unforeseen and sudden events, we now have the pleasure of having to connect and work online. By doing so, however, we have also become aware of the fact that this new way of communicating not only requires us to develop a new skillset, but also demands a rather different mindset alongside certain essential social skills. In the end, this might be stressful to many of us.

What comes next?

It could be that we are currently standing at a strange but important crossroads: we must now decide how we should proceed with this unsolicited favour of remote communication. Do we choose to return to our face-to-face meeting meetings as soon as possible, or could it be useful to advance our efforts to communicate via online meetings, trainings and coaching sessions? No doubt, the younger workers in our organisations are already very used to connecting with others online, but what will happen to the rest of us? Should the managers continue to write more frequent and even longer emails instead of leading practical online meetings in a professional way?


Do we go forward or stay where we are?

In these critical times, we will face numerous challenges, affecting both the corporate companies and the individuals. Countries, organisations and citizens have been stretched to their limits by the crisis in various ways. It is therefore quite understandable that we may now want to return to our comfort zone for a moment and thus refrain from complicated online communication. Nevertheless, the budget presently available might require us to choose another option. We might also start to realise just how much time, money and effort we had been formerly spending on flights, hotels, meals, airport parking and other aspects of arranging in-person meetings. Honestly speaking, prior to the pandemic, many of us have not even questioned this behaviour; if we have, we would have sought out alternative ways to meet.

The age of digital and remote communication has arrived

Whether we want to accept it or not, the age of electronic communication, online training
and online coaching has arrived and is now within easy reach.
By taking part in interactive online training and coaching sessions for managers, we will

  • learn to spend our budget wisely
  • become sensitive to time and stress-induced travelling spending
  • develop a range of technical tools for effective remote communication
  • become comfortable with bridging the gap caused by the distance by using our social skills
  • experience building a community in a virtual world
  • improve our leadership mindset and competencies in a virtual environment  
  • receive follow-up sessions through online coaching following our training
  • enjoy individual on-demand coaching sessions to discuss personal leadership challenges

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