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Creating a Corporate Leadership Culture by Developing a Leadership Mindset

A productive, emotionally safe, and stress-less leadership culture requires a real update in our way of thinking and makes us fit for the challenges of the 21st century. 



Studies show that a tense culture limits the ability for effective thought, action and performance, however any manager can create an emotionally safe environment in their workplace, resulting in highly motivated and fully engaged employees.  

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The Parable of Aesop - and the capability for results

Aesop’s fable, the goose, and the golden egg is a story of a poor farmer who one day finds a goose. Instead of killing and eating the goose, he takes her home. The next day, to his delight, he finds that she has laid a golden egg. As he grows rich, however, he also grows greedy and impatient. Finally, to get all the gold in the goose, he kills and opens her, only to find nothing.

Like the foolish farmer, we managers often emphasize short-term results (golden eggs / numbers) at the expense of long-term success (the goose / our employees). Since we do not want to destroy our capability for getting long-term results, how is your “goose” doing right now? 


A leadership culture with sustainable results

In facilitating seminars for over 20 years, I have experienced, that the best results in the lives of the leaders took place, when 2 simple principles were observed:

  • Mindset - The participants (managers) expressed a readiness for a change in their mindset, resulting in profound changes and ongoing development in their personality - instead of just smaller changes in their attitude (outward behaviour).

  • Culture - The organization (department or team) welcomed an explicit change in the company or group culture, so that an emotional safe environment could be established at different levels in the organization, influencing all aspects of the business.

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Discover the secret about boosting performance without causing more stress for your employees

Imagine a workplace in which interpersonal fear and working stress is minimized, so that organizational performance can be maximized.

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How to turn a tense working environment around - Rob G.M. Bots


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