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Welcome to our Online Leadership Academy!

The online learning platform for young managers
with open admission and individual enrolment - worldwide


Why having a learning platform for young managers?

We help young leaders to develop the right leadership mindset early in their careers - right from the start.


There are already a lot of trainings out there - what is so special?

1) We are offering our concept to individuals, i.e. open admission and individual enrolment.

2) For an affordable budget, so that each young manager is able to participate - worldwide. 


Do you offer these seminars also to small groups?

Yes, small leadership groups and teams can also take part. Please contact us.


How would you describe your concept?

Our course is a foundational concept for all managers, developing a leadership mindset comes first and foremost and is a basic way of thinking for each and every leader - early in their career.


What is the duration / timeframe of this learning journey?

The course is made up of 2 parts and 6 modules, each module has 3 hours training (half day).

Each part will take place on 3 consecutive half days in the same week. 

The  journey between part 1 and part 2 is about 8 weeks apart to allow for implementation.


Is additional personal coaching offered as well?

Yes, in addition and upon request we can arrange for some personal individual coaching as well.



in English
How to change a Leadership Paradigm.
What values do you need to create a Safe Space?

  Developing a Leadership Mindset


In German
Wie man ein Führungsparadigma ändert.
Welche Werte man braucht, um einen Safe Space zu kreieren?
Ein Leadership Mindset entwickeln


Time schedule and Booking

"Developing a Leadership Mindset"
Time Schedule / Booking



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Senior Management Trainer and Coach

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