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Acceptance of a Safe Space

 A safe space is an environment where empathy, transparency and trust are
understood and lived by all involved.

Data and research show that a significant number of employees do experience frustration, stress and dissatisfaction, when a safe and supportive work-environment is not provided.



Do all managers understand and implement the concept of a Safe Space?

The concept is not universally practiced or fully understood by all

The understanding and implementation of the concept of a safe space can vary among managers. While many managers may be familiar with the concept and strive to create a safe space for their employees, it is not universally practiced or fully understood by all managers.

Some managers are very much aware of the positive impact

These managers may have a deep understanding of the importance of a safe space and actively work towards creating an inclusive and respectful work environment. They prioritize employee well-being, listen to their concerns, address conflicts promptly, and take steps to prevent discrimination or harassment. These managers are often aware of the positive impact that a safe space can have on employee morale, job satisfaction, and productivity.

Other managers focus primarily on productivity and outcome

There may also be managers who are less familiar with the concept or do not prioritize creating a safe space in their management approach. This can be due to various reasons, including a lack of awareness, personal biases, or a focus primarily on productivity and outcomes rather than employee well-being. These managers may unintentionally contribute to an unsafe work environment.


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