Is creating a Safe Space realistic

in today's Business World?

A realistic and balanced insight into creating a Safe Space (Emotional Safe Environment) can be quite helpful.

In discussing the importance of this subject, I do often get the following response: "Oh yeah, that's an interesting topic and certainly nice to have, because we all need it". This reaction is plausible, as the terminology sounds a little "soft" at first glance.

For a better understanding, here are a few hard facts

  • A properly implemented Safe Space culture that puts people first, promotes a positive working environment, enhances employee wellbeing and ultimately contributes to the overall business success. It's about increasing profitability, not just about having a great place to work.

  • By creating a safe space, we are simply updating our current corporate culture. In other words: We are fine-tuning our culture and taking it to a new, more sophisticated level that reflects modern business behaviour.

  • Over the years, many corporate cultures have unconsciously focused more on the most accountable people in the organization and the customers. However, a Safe Space will start to refocus on ALL people - including customers.

  • The natural principle for creating happy and satisfied customers is having satisfied employees. The slogan "put the customer first" has often prioritized customer service at the expense of employee wellbeing, which led to more stress for employees.

  • Since a Safe Space is based on the application of human principles, it is not just a place for "happy gatherings". People in this culture need to experience both emotional safety and emotional protection.

  • To achieve this, egocentric behaviour and status management must be overcome. This is perhaps the most difficult part of the whole process and one of the reasons why many managers shy away from this great culture. It may sound drastic, but just a "little bit of safe space" will certainly not bring the desired results and only proves the critics right.

  • Finally, satisfied and committed employees are more likely to contribute positively to the company, leading to higher profitability and sustainable growth.

A real win-win situation!



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