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Managing Difficult Conversations - Power Pack

Interactive Open Online Leadership Seminar - 1 Day - in English (EN) and German (DE)

Any leader can manage difficult conversations, when they start to identify the needs of the other person, because human beings respond to social skills. 

Start to improve your communication skills with employees, colleagues, business-partners and customers.

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     What are the biggest challenges in leadership conversations?

Managers point out to us, that the following skills are critical to them

  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Coaching on complex issues
  • Conducting conflict discussions.

- This power pack on communication will help you to become an expert in managing difficult conversation.
- In all courses, we will have a clear emphasis on Emotional Intelligence.
- In structuring the topics of this course, we will concentrate on the special needs and wishes of the participants. 


Course Overview

Part I. Managing Difficult Conversations Effectively and Remotely




  • Why can conversations be difficult?
  • Why do we avoid, delay & postpone?
  • What happens when we avoid issues?
  • What are the most essential conversation skills?
  • Suggestions for remote discussions
  • Six steps for Managing Conversations


Part II. Conduct Challenging Conversations through Empathic Confrontation


  • General reactions to feedback
  • Our discussion behaviour under stress (self-assessment)
  • Flight or fight as a survival strategy
  • Dealing with avoidance and defence mechanisms
  • Restoring safety in the conversation


 Part III. Successful Negotiation through the Power of Tactical Empathy


  • What is successful negotiation? Comparison between traditional - and modern methods
  • Dealing with mutually opposing points of view and various levels of concessions
  • Tactical empathy considerably improves our negotiation position
  • Emotions are not an obstacle - they can become the key to success
  • Reduce the resistance of our counterpart and thus increase their concessions


Target Group

  • Managers
  • Department Heads
  • Team Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Account Managers
  • And all Persons preparing for these positions
  • To attend as a complete (management) team or intact group will be highly effective.

Details for Online Course with ZOOM

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Trainer & Coach - Rob G. M. Bots

  • Rob has over 20 years’ experience in offering solutions to leadership challenges.
  • He was born in Holland and after being a businessman in Hong Kong he now lives for over 40 years in Germany.
  • Rob has been travelling and teaching all over Europe and also in the Middle East.
  • Right now, he conducts online seminars worldwide in the 3 languages - English, German and Dutch.

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What seminar participants think about Rob:

  • "Unbelievable how Rob can read and assess another personality. And above all, as a trainer, he helps you to recognize your strengths as well as opportunities to be developed and to promote them in a meaningful way. Thanks a lot, it was extremely fruitful for my personal, professional and character development!" (15.06.2020).

  • "I was able to participate in a seminar with Rob. It was very impressive to experience how Rob grasps and guides the different characters while conveying the learning content in the best possible way. I learned a lot and can only highly recommend such a valuable training! Thank you, Rob!" (26.08.2020).

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