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Developing a Leadership Mindset

The secret about BOOSTING PERFORMANCE without causing more stress for your employees

Interactive Open Online Leadership Seminar - 2 Days - English and German

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  • Many managers falsely believe, that boosting performance can only come at the cost of more stress and pressure - but there is a solution!
  • Any manager can boost the performance of the team without causing further stress by simply creating an emotional safe environment.
  • Learn about the interesting correlation between strong performance and an emotional safe environment and choose for a journey where you can join the champions!


Only a new Mindset - can create a Safe Environment

1.  Learn to update your leadership mindset with the help of human principles.

2.  Start to create an emotional safe environment for your organization and team.

3.  Receive coaching in implementing points 1) and 2) as well as handling in obstacles.

4.  Experience the benefit of a new dynamic in working atmosphere and better results.

Stress - are you running to stand still?

  • "My daily work life is like running up an escalator, going in the opposite direction. Running to stand still."
  • Globalization and Digitalization have brought many advantages, but also increased the stress-level of employees and managers.
  • Employees who are protecting themselves for stress-overload will lose commitment, resulting in absentees and burnout.
  • And managers tell us, that they are often exhausted as they have to compensate for the work of their employees.


How to turn around a Tense Workplace Environment - Part 01

 Is there any solution to get rid of this tense and stressful environment?


How to turn around a Tense Workplace Environment - Part 02

You can not relieve a tense and strained environment by just adding a few soft skills.


How to turn around a Tense Workplace Environment - Part 03

The basis for a culture of lasting high performance and steady growth, without causing more stress for our employees.


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Course Developing a Leadership Mindset

This interactive webinar will use leadership competencies based on social principles to create a leadership mindset and company culture  in which managers are confident to lead in difficult times, feel secure in managing generations and virtual teams - as well as become fit for the digital age. 


 Content Day I

    1. Put People First - show appreciation and respect.

"My employees are the most important asset upon which I can build my success,
their wellbeing gives me an enormous personal advantage."

   2. Let People Win
- show recognition and give praise.

"I need to care for and invest in my employees, as they are the ones delivering the results.
When they win, we all do."

  3. Demonstrate Empathy - express your thoughts and feelings.

"I encourage and praise my employees to motivate them,
thus making them engaged in delivering top results."

Content Day II

   4. Be Transparent - be open towards your employees.

"I want to be open when discussing any potential topic, have nothing to hide,
and communicate with my employees with respect."

   5. Build Trust - stay true to personal values and commitments.

"For my employees to trust me, they need to have clarity
about my personal values and intentions."

   6. Create Emotional Safety – protect and rectifying inappropriate behaviour.

"My people depend on my guidance and emotional protection
from both internal and external stressors."


Free Self-Assessment on the Leadership Competencies

Test our method with the free Self-Assessment and you will get an idea how we work. With the help of this leadership assessment, you will experience how you can best replace the pressure-approach by using our methods.

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Target Group - Individuals and Groups

  • Managers
  • Department Heads
  • Team Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Account Managers
  • All persons preparing for these position

  • Attending a seminar as a complete (management) team or intact group will be highly effective.
  • We will be able to arrange for such a seminar according to your needs. Contact us here

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Course Details for Online Course with ZOOM

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Trainer & Coach - Rob G. M. Bots

  • Rob has over 20 years’ experience in offering solutions to leadership challenges.
  • He was born in Holland and after being a businessman in Hong Kong he now lives for over 40 years in Germany.
  • Rob has been travelling and teaching all over Europe and also in the Middle East.
  • Right now, he conducts online seminars worldwide in the 3 languages - English, German and Dutch.

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What seminar participants think about Rob:

  • One of the best trainers I had the chance to get trained by. As a project manager for international projects that involves multiple nationalities, I found the info shared by Rob during our training proven to be very practical in my day-to-day activities and helped me a lot to solve business conflicts and maintain a positive and productive environment across stakeholders. Thanks Rob, for your sharing of talent and for your positive attitude towards continuing to help your students whenever they ask for advice. (18.06.2022)

  • Unbelievable how Rob can read and assess another personality. And above all, as a trainer, he helps you to recognize your strengths as well as opportunities to be developed and to promote them in a meaningful way. Thanks a lot, it was extremely fruitful for my personal, professional and character development! (15.06.2020).

  • I was able to participate in a seminar with Rob. It was very impressive to experience how Rob grasps and guides the different characters while conveying the learning content in the best possible way. I learned a lot and can only highly recommend such a valuable training! Thank you, Rob! (26.08.2020).

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  • Get more details or make an appointment in English, German or Dutch with trainer and coach   Contact Rob G. M. Bots



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