Toxic Bosses are not bad People

Any manager can profoundly change their work place atmosphere, by accepting a paradigm shift.

Are you still busy 'firefighting' each and every incident in your team, or can you imagine, that an update of your leadership mindset will enable you to create an emotional safe environment, resulting in a motivating and stressless working place?


Management Style and the DEI Culture

Are the personalities and behaviour of your leaders a perfect match for the global DEI movement?

- Have you been working for years with the carrot and stick method, resulting in even more demotivation and stress?
- Do you think, that working in a crisis mode (everything is urgent and import) is unavoidable to produce great results?
- Are you convinced, that you have the unique working environment to attract the next leadership generation?
- Can you afford to have a company culture, where most employees are silent and fearful to speak up?
- Find out why toxic managers are not per-se bad people – and how we can offer you a solution.

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Why Toxic Bosses?
Not just the strong personality of the manager is the challenge, but also the lack of correction

  • I personally like to call 'toxic bosses' rather some tense or strained managers, who are excellent at boosting performance, however at the cost of creating an enormous amount of stress for colleagues and employees alike.
  • Most of these dear managers are not even aware of the damage done, because they are used to working themselves under extreme and intense conditions. Reaching their target, and even going beyond, is all they work for.
  • Those tense managers happen to work in a rather closed environment and do not welcome any feedback about concerns and warnings from their colleagues or employees, so that correction mostly does take place.
  • The 'subordinates' are fearful to even speak up, as they expect negative consequences and avoid at all cost, that the 'messenger of bad news is going to be killed'. 


The Cost
When employees feel that they cannot speak up - silence is not harmony.

  • Those managers have been creating an environment of fear and people are holding back with important comments, resulting in harm to people and organization.
  • A normal open and free communication in teams and among departments is not possible, and misunderstandings and mistakes are common place.
  • While speaking-up is not allowed, a defensive and passive-aggressive atmosphere will arise, with absenteeism is followed by various situations of burnout.
  • High turnover of some excellent employees is common, because the best people are the first ones deciding for a better work environment and leave.

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What is the Solution?
Only a change of mindset will enable the manager to start to create an emotional safe environment for their team.

  • A real transition must take place for the manager and the organization, to be able to create a new and safe environment.
  • Just some assistance or a bit of 'coaching on the way' to want to change only outward behaviour, is not going to be very effective.
  • After the course, we advise taking advantage of our support and coaching in the implementation process.
  • When the first challenges and obstacles arise in this implementation phase - it will be critical that the manager will have sufficient back-up.

    The course 'Developing a Leadership Mindset' offers a fundamental change in the priorities of the leader Leadership Mindset


What is an Emotional Safe Environment?
The road to a fearless, safe and thriving organization!

Emotional Safety describes an environment or working climate, in which people feel comfortable and able to express themselves in an honest and authentic way, share concerns as well as admit mistakes, without any fear of shaming, retaliation or reprisals.

Characteristics of Emotionally Safety

  • People feel valued and valuable.
  • They can truly be themselves without the risk of judgement.
  • People are able to show their weaknesses without being taken advantage of.
  • They feel seen, heard, and understood.
  • They are able to speak-up without any fear.

Evaluate your personal experience with an Emotional Safe Environment with your free checklist here  Free Download Checklist

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Your Action
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