Create your New Reality

Instead of longing and waiting for the 'good old times' to finally return again, we must now start to create our own New Reality.

I remember a great Indian Restaurant in the Middle East, where a cultural separation was needed between gender, families etc. In stead of having a open space, it became necessary to build small compartments in the restaurant to make this separation in groups possible. What was uncommen to me at first, was very practical indeed to all local restaurant visitors in order to adhere to their local cultural practices.

We probably have to adopt a mindset where each individual, family, group, department, organization and company has to start to create their New Reality instead of waiting, longing and pushing for the old times to return soon.

From my training workshop on the topic of Innovation, I do very well remember that true innovation is not trying to just improve he present situation, but being able to look at completely new alternatives - even when our new ideas could be received with some scepticism. All new concepts find some resistance at first.

In doing so, we might have to admit, that we have to compromise on numbers and volume. As we are presently observing in air travel, the middle row of seats have to remain empty. We will probably not return very soon to the old practices of heavily overbooked flights and restaurants. And that are just two areas of community living. Less will now be more... A new concept indeeed!

Let's dare to create our new reality in this present environment - with the many still rather unknown factors. 

Create a New Reality in your training and coaching environment and discover online training possibilities.

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