Experiencing Real Fun in the Workplace 

A short online booster seminar for managers, who want to 'recharge' the energy in their teams.


Experiencing Real Fun* is the ultimate sign of a true Emotional Safe Environment.

*when people loose themselves in a shared experience of cheerfulness and freedom
- resulting in increased creativity and productivity.

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Can you force or produce Real Fun?

  • No, you cannot force or produce real fun, but one can orchestrate and facilitate fun.
  • Any manager can therefore bring about some energizing moments of fun in the workplace.
  • Refreshing times of contentment and enjoyment will become a normal part of daily work.
  • And in spite of hard work, stress and anxiety will have to leave. 

Content On-Demand Online Seminar (3 hrs.)

  • Learn about the 4 essential Fun Factors.
  • Identify the prerequisites for True Freedom.
  • Be aware of some not-so-funny Fun Killers.
  • Assess your present Real Fun Experience.

This online seminar is of only 3 hours is meant to be a short booster for managers, who want 'recharge' the energy in their departments and teams.


4 Essential Fun Factors

Learn about the 4 factors and how you can become more confident in facilitating a lighter atmosphere in your departments, projects and meetings.



Target Group

  • All Managers
  • Department Heads
  • Team Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Account Managers
  • All persons preparing for these positions

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