Three Courses helping you to become a Communication Expert in Managing Difficult Conversations

On-Demand Webinars / Live Seminars for improving our communication with employees, colleagues, business-partners and customers

This series of courses provide you with a combination of the following skills;

  • Conversation skills
  • Feedback skills
  • Coaching Skills
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Negotiation Skills

All courses will have a clear emphasis on Emotional Intelligence. 

Each class will take from half a day to a full day - depending on the time planned for exercises.


I. Managing Difficult Conversations Effectively and Remotely

Course Overview

  • Why can conversations be difficult?
  • Why do we avoid, delay & postpone?
  • What happens when we avoid issues?
  • What are the most essential conversation skills?
  • Suggestions for remote discussions
  • Six steps for Managing Conversations


II. Manage Difficult Conversations through Empathic Confrontation

Course Overview

  • General reactions to feedback
  • Our discussion behaviour under stress (self-assessment)
  • Flight or fight as a survival strategy
  • Dealing with avoidance and defence mechanisms
  • Restoring safety in the conversation


III. Successful Negotiation through the Power of Tactical Empathy

Course Overview

  • What is successful negotiation? Comparison between traditional - and modern methods
  • Dealing with mutually opposing points of view and various levels of concessions
  • Tactical empathy considerably improves our negotiation position
  • Emotions are not an obstacle - they can become the key to success
  • Reduce the resistance of our counterpart and thus increase their concessions


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