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The Process - Causes, Cost, Solution and Support

Any manager can boost the performance of the team without causing further stress by simply creating an emotional safe environment.


Many managers falsely believe, that boosting performance can only come at the cost of more stress and pressure - but there is a solution!

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Most causes of Stress - are Emotional and Environmental

  • You want to care for your people who care for your customers, but the daily constraint in reaching your targets is so enormous, that there is just no possibility to spent time in having empathic conversations or motivate your employees through coaching?
  • You worked hard in developing your skills through books and teachings to get to know adequate leadership tools, but they never got implemented in ways that caused some lasting changes and less stress for your team?
  • Maybe you ask yourself, what is the reason that you cannot stop the increasing work pressure and stress in your team?
  • Normal methods to decrease stress will not function, because most causes of stress are emotional and  environmental.

Download Article 10 Signs of a Toxic Workplace Environment


The Cost - of a Stressful Environment

  • A constant pressure leads to an atmosphere of frustration and mistakes start to happen more often.
  • Employees feel devaluated and dissatisfaction and irritations are common in conversations and discussions.
  • A crisis mode is established where everything becomes urgent and important - a clear focus and priorities are lost.
  • Employees start to protect themselves and responsibility is diminishing resulting in absentees, illness, burnout, and people leaving.


The Course Developing a Leadership Mindset will make your fit to create an Emotional Safe Environment for your organization and team.

Developing a Leadership Mindset


Our Solution - a new Mindset creates a Safe Environment

  • If you want small changes, change your behaviour. If you want long-lasting, huge changes - change the way you are thinking.
  • These courses are for managers who deliberately want to think differently and have the resolution to want to work on their mindset.
  • The dynamic power from working on your leadership mindset will result in creating an emotional safe environment for your team.
  • You will be able to refrain from any form of pressure in trying to get things done by others - stress will have to leave.


The Transformation - High Performance and Better results

By working on your leadership mindset, resulting in creating an emotional safe environment for your team, you will discover that a fundamental transformation has been taking place in how you will get more work done through others - without causing additional stress.

  • When more respect and empathy will be extended to our employees, they will start to feel more valued, and an open communication followed by trust will arise.
  • Through more involvement in brainstorming for new ideas and a higher participation in  decision-making, more ownership of individuals and the team will be the result.
  • The synergistic attitude of interdependence will be discovered and will give place to sharing of knowledge and expertise and an increase in mutual support.
  • The level of motivation and personal commitment is increasing, resulting in better teamwork and a constant and stressless high performance is going to be the norm.


Our Support - we see things through!

  • We want you to be successful in reaching your targets in a stressless working environment, and together with you, we will see things through.
  • Receive regular support and coaching in implementing the principles in your personality, organization and team. This can be critical when first obstacles arise.
  • We are able to accompany you in the process because we do not want anybody to get stuck in the middle of the implementation.

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