Establishing a Corporate Leadership Culture

A leadership culture usually begins where an optimization of the strategy has reached its limits

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  • Strategy and culture are mutually dependent and create the synergy necessary for success in the organization.
  • The culture provides a balanced, safe and productive working environment and supports the strategy.
  • The strategy ensures the required results, and both components together guarantee ultimate sustainable success.

1) Many companies suffer from overemphasizing their strategy.

  • Why is the strategy so strong and gets all attention, whereas the culture is simply accepted 'as given'?
  • What is the reason, why the top-management often not paying attention to consciously creating a positive and productive culture?
  • How important is aligning a leadership mindset with the values and culture of the organization?

2) Without a positive culture in place, the strategy will lose its impact and power.

  • What is the reason, that the strategy will lose impact without a positive culture in place?
  • How does the power of culture work in strengthening the strategy?
  • Why can't we adopt and use any existing culture?


3) This results in an even greater emphasis on strategy - with negative consequences.

  • Why are human beings tempted to do more of the same, when things are not working properly?
  • What is the reason that this procedure will result in more pressure and additional stress?
  • Why do we so easily avoid having a closer look at our culture?

Negative Consequences:

  • More stress
  • Tensions and Irritations
  • Increase in conflicts
  • Working in Crisis Mode
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Unhealthy competition
  • Protective behaviour
  • Working according the rules
  • Absence and illness
  • Personal burnout
  • Quitting as a way out 


4) Establishing a positive culture will complement, support, and ignite the strategy.

  • What is more important in the organization, culture or strategy?
  • Why should culture and strategy be mutually balanced?
  • What is the reason, that a positive culture will complement, support and even ignite the strategy?


5) The company appears balanced - productivity and customer orientation are on the rise.

Positive results on behalf of the culture:

  • High commitment
  • Hardly any mistakes
  • Less stress
  • Conflicts are solved
  • High motivation
  • Going the extra mile
  • Positive and contagious work atmosphere = Emotionally Safe Environment

Positive results on behalf of the strategy: 

  • Goals are achieved
  • Customer satisfaction improves
  • Productivity grows
  • Portfolio will expand
  • Profit margin is satisfactory = Company remains healthy and successful


6) The initiative lies with top management, a “sideways entry" does not bring the desired results.

  • Why should the responsibility of establishing a positive culture begin with the top-management? 
  • What happens when this task is fully delegated without close monitoring from the top?
  • How will the next steps guarantee success?


7) Creating a Corporate Leadership Culture by Developing a Leadership Mindset

  • A productive, emotionally safe, and stress-less leadership culture requires a real update in our way of thinking,
  • It makes us fit for the challenges of the 21st century. 
  • Read more ... Developing a Leadership Mindset


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