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Do you want to discover the secret about BOOSTING PERFORMANCE
without causing more stress for your employees?

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Learn about the interesting correlation between strong performance and an emotional safe environment and choose for a journey where you can join the champions!

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A New Mindset - enables to create an Emotional Safe Environment

1.  Learn to update your leadership mindset with the help of our 2-day online seminar.
2.  Start to create an emotional safe environment for your organization and team.
3.  Receive coaching in implementing points 1) and 2) as well as in handling obstacles.
4.  Experience the benefit of a new dynamic in working atmosphere and better results.


Stress - are you running to stand still?

  • "My daily work life is like running up an escalator, going in the opposite direction. Running to stand still."
  • Globalization and Digitalization have brought many advantages, but also increased the stress-level of employees and managers.
  • Employees who are protecting themselves for stress-overload will lose commitment, resulting in absentees and burnout.
  • Managers tell us, that they are often exhausted as they have to compensate for the work of their employees.


How to turn around a Tense Workplace Environment

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Are you already experiencing - an Emotional Safe Environment?

Emotional Safety describes an environment or working climate in which people feel comfortable and able to express themselves in an honest and authentic way, share concerns and admit mistakes without any fear of shaming, retaliation, or reprisals. It is the ultimate foundation and prerequisite for a high-performance working environment of respect and trust.

Characteristics of Emotionally Safety

  • People feel respected and valued.
  • They can truly be themselves without the risk of judgement.
  • People are able to show their weaknesses without being taken advantage of.
  • They feel seen, heard, and understood.


The Key - developing a Leadership Mindset

Our 2-Day online seminar "Developing a Leadership Mindset" will make your fit to create this Emotional Safe Environment. It is a simple method with 6 Leadership Competencies based on human principles - that work.

More info on our course   Developing a Leadership Mindset


Free Self-Assessments - on the Leadership Competencies

Test your personal leadership competencies with the free Self-Assessment, and you will also get an idea how we work in our course "Developing a Leadership Mindset". With this assessment, you will experience how you can best replace the pressure-approach by using the leadership competencies.

  • Request a more detailed copy (9 pages) of the Leadership Competencies here 


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